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About MacDowell Law Group

Our goal is to settle cases whenever possible, but we are always well prepared to go to court when it is in the best interests of our clients. We thoroughly investigate each client’s case and present evidence in a focused, detailed manner. We have a record of favorable results for our clients, with many high dollar settlements and jury awards.

It can happen suddenly – an accident or incident that leaves you with a potential need for legal representation. How do you choose the right law firm from among the many in Fairfax, VA?

Most people would agree that experience certainly counts, including case management, trial preparation, and time spent in court before a judge and jury. At MacDowell Law, our attorneys have a combined 63 years of legal experience in these areas, with a reputation for skilled negotiation and aggressive advocacy for clients.

Rest assured that your legal matter will be in the best of hands when you are represented by MacDowell Law. A face-to-face meeting is the ideal way to find out more and get all your questions answered. Contact us today to set up a free, personal consultation at our Fairfax office.


Why Experience Counts

Our firm was established in 1986 by veteran trial attorney Richard MacDowell, who now practices alongside Matthew Kensky and Bhavik Patel. We offer clients counsel based on our extensive legal knowledge and experience, founded on an impressive history of successful verdicts and settlements. Our trial experience provides leverage that works to strengthen our clients’ negotiating position.

MacDowell Law is respected by insurance industry representatives and their lawyers, with a well-earned reputation for shrewd negotiation and sophisticated litigation. We are known for meticulous preparation of each client’s case, and we are always ready to move from a position of strength. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to proving your case to assure your best possible outcome.


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Schedule your free consultation and learn why entrusting your legal matter to our team is an excellent choice. We practice in all Virginia courts, from small claims all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court.

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