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Traffic tickets, drunk driving convictions, or any other type of moving violation can all add points to your driving record and may eventually result in a driver’s license suspension. Various traffic offense convictions will result in an assignment of -6, -4, or -3 points to your driving record. Insurance companies may use this information to determine how high your insurance rates will be, and the accumulation of too many points can cause you to lose your license altogether. At the law firm of MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our Virginia DMV points attorneys can help you avoid license suspension through a positive result in court.

If you have been charged with any type of traffic offense, you should seek legal advice immediately. Contact our Virginia DMV points lawyers online or call (703) 277-2811 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

DMV Traffic Ticket Points on Your Driving Record

Demerit points are assigned automatically by the DMV, not by a judge. They are non-negotiable. No judge can reduce or eliminate them because of special circumstances. The number of DMV points you receive depends solely on whatever charge you are convicted of. Demerit points will remain on your driving record for two years, while a conviction for traffic or moving violations can stay on your criminal record for many more.

If you accumulate too many points, the DMV may require that you take an approved driving course, suspend your driver’s license and put you on probation with the DMV. This kind of license suspension is purely administrative and is separate from any action that may be taken by the court system. The only way to avoid license suspension and other negative consequences from excessive traffic ticket points is to get a positive result in court. That is where the lawyers at MacDowell Law Group, P.C. can help.

We’ll Fight Your Charges in Court

The first thing our Herndon reckless driving defense attorneys will do is attempt to get an acceptable plea offer. If this is not possible, we will fight to get your charges dismissed at trial, or have your citation reduced to a lesser charge. We will also advise you of other options that can allow you to rehabilitate your driving record. For example, taking a voluntary driving improvement course can earn five positive points on your record. However, not everyone is eligible for this option. That is why we will explore every avenue to help mitigate the negative consequence to your driving record.

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Even a seemingly minor traffic ticket can have a negative impact on your driving record and result in serious consequences down the road. We can help. Contact our Virginia DMV points lawyers online or call (703) 277-2811 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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