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Premises Liability

When we enter a space that belongs to another person or group, we expect that person or group to spend as much time caring for that space as we do for our own. And legally, the other person or group is obligated to ensure that their property is safe for visitors. Whether it is a business, a public park, or a private residence there are individuals whose responsibility it is to ensure that anyone traveling through the premises or using the premises in any way will not find themselves injured due to reasons connected with the physical location.

In the legal realm, the term “premises liability” refers to a whole wealth of situations, and if you find yourself or a loved one is currently a victim of an injury that happened on the property of another person, you should know that help is available. Common scenarios that lead to injury and are covered under the umbrella of premises liability include:

  • Loose carpets
  • Damaged or rotting floors
  • Poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Poorly maintained porches
  • Greasy and oily walking surfaces
  • Lack of proper snow and ice removal
  • Damaged or broken staircases

Premises liability cases arise whenever an injury—or worse—results from an irresponsible property owner. While private residences, as mentioned above, can instigate a premises liability case, it is not uncommon for these sorts if cases to relate to locations such as:

  • Apartment buidlings
  • Elevators
  • Public stairwells
  • Office buildings
  • Public Garages
  • Escalators
  • Swimming pools

The specific types of cases that can happen as a result of premises negligence range from slip and fall incidents to dog bites. If the owner of a certain location fails in their responsibility to keep their property safe and secure, and if a person then becomes a victim of an incident that takes place in this property and relates to the areas which the owner failed to keep safe and secure, then a premises liability case may be the best way to ensure that the victim or victims are able to receive the proper financial compensation.

Living in the aftermath of a physically and emotionally damaging incident can pose tremendous difficulties. Many people who find themselves in such situations quickly realize they are dealing with numerous factors all at the same time, and it can quickly lead to the victims of these sorts of injuries to feel completely overwhelmed. If you find yourself suffering as a result of the negligence of someone else, then the MacDowell Law Group is here to help. We enter the courtroom with your best interests in mind, and the work we do in areas such as premises liability has helped numerous people recover without fearing the financial repercussions from debilitating injuries.

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