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Due to our state’s somewhat gentle climate, the presence of a nice slice of costal water, and the abundant natural lakes and rivers dotting the rest of the countryside, Virginia is home to numerous boat owners and boat enthusiasts as well as visitors from out-of-state who come to our seaside towns and lakeside cities to partake in the recreational boating that we are modestly known for.

But there is a dark side to the fun, and with the high number of boaters comes a high number of boating accidents. Statistics compiled by the U.S. Coast Guard indicate that in 2016 the total number of boating accidents that took place in Virginia was 3% of the national number of boating accidents. The report from the Coast Guard went on the break down the numbers as follows:

  • There were 83 reported boat accidents in Virginia throughout the 2016 year.
  • Out of this number, 19 accidents resulted in the deaths of 21 people.
  • 48 people were injured in boating accidents in Virginia.
  • 25 of the total number of accidents resulted in significant property damage.
  • The cost of these damages ran to around $488,747.

While on a boat, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that there are others around you, also on boats, and there are times when people also forget that a boat can be just as dangerous as a car. In fact, because the accidents take place on water, far from medical help, boating accidents can easily become far more dangerous than car accidents.

There are a number of reasons why people can become involved in a boating accident, including:

  • Lack of proper attention paid by the person or persons in charge of a boat
  • A poor understanding of how to operate a boat properly
  • Failure to properly pay attention to one’s surroundings while behind the wheel/sail/rudder of a boat
  • Improper or dangerous use of a boat
  • Failure to obey the posted and written laws as they relate to the operation of boats

If you are reading this because you have recently been involved in a boat collision or because someone you know and love has been involved in a boat collision, then you know the drastic changes that can begin to affect people’s lives as a result of a boat accident. In addition to the initial damages suffered in the incident, boating accidents can also leave lingering physical or psychological trauma that might not immediately manifest themselves but that can emerge over time to inflict even more pain and suffering on the victims of such incidents.

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