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Unpaid family court commitments can lead to contempt of court citations, jail terms and an order to pay attorney's fees. Usually the threat of these sanctions is enough to bring parties into compliance. When it is not, you need a Fairfax County child support enforcement lawyer who is willing to go the distance in order to ensure that court orders are upheld.

If you are having difficulty collecting child or spousal support payments, speak with us. Contact our Fairfax family law attorneys online or call (703) 277-2811 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Aggressive Representation in Enforcement Actions

At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our lawyers advise people who need assistance with the enforcement of continuing obligations that go into unexcused default. We can help document and present evidence of missed spousal maintenance or child support payments, as well as issues concerning the repeated interference of a child custody and visitation schedule.

While we work to resolve issues as amicably as possible, we will take more aggressive actions if necessary. We are skilled trial lawyers who do not hesitate to go to court in order to protect our clients' interests. Other attorneys know this, which gives us a strong bargaining chip in enforcing visitation or support payments.

Modification of Court Orders

Enforcing spousal support and other court orders is not just about forcing people to pay support or follow a visitation schedule. It is also about analyzing the circumstances that cause someone to stop following the orders.

If you can no longer meet your support or custody obligations due to a substantial change in circumstances, we can help with modification of the court order to reflect your new reality. For example, we can help you lower child support payments after a job loss, or create a new visitation schedule if your work hours have changed.

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If you are not getting your alimony payments or need assistance with the enforcement of another type of court order, we are prepared to help. Contact our Fairfax County child support enforcement attorneys online or call (703) 277-2811 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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I would highly recommend Mr. Richard MacDowell.

I would highly recommend Mr. Richard MacDowell and his office as they will make you rest easy in the knowledge you are represented by the best in the area. They are second to none!
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