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Virginia is home to many men and women in the armed services and their families. Like any couple getting a divorce, there are a number of issues that must be addressed. However, past or present military service can present unique challenges in regard to child custody and visitation, and the division of pensions. Issues such as deployment out of state or overseas, military benefits and federal law all need to be considered when dissolving a military marriage. At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our Fairfax County military divorce lawyers help armed services members and their spouses through this process.

If you are a military member or a military spouse and are going through a divorce, it is important to get experienced legal help. Contact our Vienna family law attorneys online or call (703) 277-2811 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Unique Challenges of a Military Divorce

Deciding where to file for divorce is one of the first challenges a military couple will encounter. While some Virginia service men and women permanently live in the state, others may live on a base but consider their permanent home to be elsewhere. It is important to consider the jurisdiction where you file because different jurisdictions and states have different procedures that apply to military divorces and separations.

Determining child custody and visitation arrangements are also a concern. How will drills and military training be handled? What happens if a parent is called to serve? Your choice of which state to file in will also come into play if you need to make a modification to a child custody agreement at some point down the line. The attorneys at MacDowell Law Group, P.C., will thoroughly listen to your questions and concerns, and can help guide you down the path that is right for you.

Experienced Help With  Retirement and Pension Division

Military couples seeking a divorce also face the hard reality of dividing military pensions. Taking steps to work out a fair agreement can be a complex issue with back-and-forth arguments and discussions regarding the percentage the non-military spouse should receive and how he or she will receive those payments.

We can help you with pension and retirement division and all the unique aspects of a military divorce in Virginia. We will help you work out a plan that protects your interests, as well as those of any children involved.

Contact Our Fairfax Retirement and Pension Division Lawyers

Retirement and pension division are some of the complicated problems facing military families who are splitting up. We understand how to help resolve these and other issues. Contact our Fairfax County military divorce attorneys online or call (703) 277-2811 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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