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Whenever divorcing spouses operate a family business that accounts for a significant portion of their income, the valuation and division of business assets will present important issues throughout the case. Any mistakes in the valuation and characterization of these assets could cost you part of your fair share of the marital estate. Our Fairfax County business valuation attorneys at the law firm of MacDowell Law Group, P.C., can help protect your property division rights.

We will work hard to help ensure you receive a fair portion of your assets. Contact our Vienna divorce lawyers online or call (703) 277-2811 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Working to Preserve the Value of Family Businesses

Most spouses agree that it is important to preserve the value of a family business as a going concern, rather than liquidating the assets and dividing the proceeds between the parties. Sometimes, however, the spouse who is more actively engaged with the business might be tempted to transfer assets or negotiate away important interests to hold onto the business. It is also important to verify that a spouse is not secreting assets or manipulating the books to diminish the marital value of the business. Our Fairfax County family law attorneys can spot the signs of that behavior and move to stop it.

We can apply for injunctive relief in many situations where it appears that dissipation or waste of marital assets is a real danger, and business assets are no exception. More commonly, however, our work will involve the following:

  • Accurate characterization of business assets as marital property, separate property or hybrid property
  • Accurate assessment of the value of business assets through the valuation and appraisal techniques best suited to your situation
  • Expert analysis of marital asset values and income projections through forensic accountants and market consultants
  • Focused evidentiary analysis in order to establish your right to a fair share of the business assets

Get Help From Experienced Trial Lawyers

If your property division objectives cannot be achieved through negotiation, our skill at the trial level means that we can present detailed evidence on complex topics to tell a clear story. This ability can represent a significant advantage for any client whose property division disputes might be headed for litigation.

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We have the ability to effectively represent business owners in divorce regarding complex business valuation or asset division. Contact our Fairfax County business valuation lawyers online or call (703) 277-2811 for an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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I would highly recommend Mr. Richard MacDowell and his office as they will make you rest easy in the knowledge you are represented by the best in the area. They are second to none!
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