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Being accused of a crime can throw your life in turmoil, potentially threatening your career, your family and even your freedom. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, having an effective defense will be crucial to fighting the charges and obtaining a favorable resolution. At MacDowell Law Group, P.C., our Fairfax defense attorneys have decades of experience advocating for the accused and aggressively protecting their rights. Empowered with the insight and experience of a former prosecutor, our lawyers understand how prosecutors think and how to challenge their allegations at every phase of a case. This has earned us a reputation for being shrewd negotiators and sophisticated litigators who are effective at:

  • Protecting our clients’ rights and interests, regardless of the legal setting
  • Meticulously preparing cases so we are always moving from a position of strength
  • Presenting the strongest possible defense for our clients
  • Bringing our clients cases to the best possible outcome.

We are ready to defend and help you. While we encourage you to continue exploring our site to learn more about our practice and experience, we also invite you to contact us when you are ready for more information regarding the best defense options for your case.

Felony Defense

Often associated with prison time and other harsh penalties, felony criminal charges are the most serious level of charges that the state of Virginia can file against someone. The Fairfax criminal defense attorneys at MacDowell Law Group, P.C. are skilled at defending people against various types of felony charges, including those related to:

  • Felony assault – Hate crimes, as well as assaults against ‘protected’ employees (like law enforcement officers, for instance), can result in felony assault charges.
  • Weapons charges – These charges can cover various offenses, ranging from setting a spring gun (or another deadly weapon) to possession of a firearm by a felon. In some cases, a prior conviction for a misdemeanor weapons offense can result in felony charges being filed for a subsequent offense.
  • Homicide – As one of the most serious felony offenses, homicide can include manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter and murder charges. The severity of the felony charges filed, however, will depend on the circumstances of the alleged homicide, with premeditation and heat of passion being among the key determining factors.
  • Kidnapping – Classified as a violent crime, kidnapping charges can be filed Class 6 to Class 2 felonies, depending on the age of the alleged victim and the alleged reason for the abduction. For instance, while kidnapping a minor under 16 for the purposes of prostitution can be a Class 2 felony, a parent charged with kidnapping his or her child can be charged with a Class 6 felony if state lines are crossed.
  • Child abuse – Usually filed as Class 4 felonies, child abuse charges can be filed when a child has allegedly been neglected, harmed or injured by a parent, guardian or other caretaker.
  • Property crimes – Felony criminal charges for property crimes can be filed for various offenses, including (but not limited to) motor vehicle theft, simple and aggravated robbery, burglary, theft, and arson. Whether a weapon was used in the commission of the crime, as well as the amount of valuables stolen, can impact the level of the felony charge(s) filed.
  • White collar crimes – Identity theft, fraud, computer crimes, and embezzlement are all types of white collar crimes that can carry felony-level charges and penalties.

Our lawyers are also experienced at handling felony cases involving:

Misdemeanor Defense

Not at severe as felony charges, misdemeanor criminal charges can still come with some serious penalties, like jail time, expensive fines and lasting criminal records. Our Fairfax defense lawyers are seasoned at defending people against various types of misdemeanor charges, including (but not limited to) those involving:

  • Assault, which can involve threats and/or physical contact
  • Harassment, which can include verbal intimidation, as well as threats made via email or text
  • DUIs, which can involve driving while allegedly impaired by alcohol or drugs (including over-the-counter or prescription drugs).

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges generally come into play when acts of violence – or the threats of such violence – are allegedly committed against a family member or someone else who lives in the same household (as the accused individual).

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Stalking
  • Menacing
  • Sexual assault.
Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes Defense

Drug offenses can cost you your job, as well as future employment opportunities. They may even threaten to destroy your family and future. If you are facing drug charges, our experienced Fairfax lawyers can provide you with the vigorous defense you require. Our attorneys are effective at fighting misdemeanor and felony charges related to:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug distribution
  • Marijuana crimes.
Drug Crimes

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