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Two Car Crash in Vienna Causes Car Fire

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on October 8, 2018

Towards the end of September, just after 6:30 in the evening on Wednesday, the 26th, two vehicles approached the intersection of Cherry Street and Park Street. One of these cars was traveling down Cherry Street, the other down Park Street, and according to a report from the Vienna Police Department the driver of the car traveling down Cherry Street was planning on making a turn off of this roadway and onto Park while the driver already making their way down Park Street was planning on making a turn off of this roadway and onto Cherry.

For reasons that are not clear at this time, the person already traveling down the southern lane of Park Street became certain that Cherry Street was closed. This happened after they activated their turn signal, communicating to the traffic around them that they would be turning. The Vienna Police Department’s report does not state so outright, but it is believed that Cherry Street was in fact not closed at shortly after 6:30 on Wednesday, September 26th. It is not known whether or not the driver of the car saw a sign that was indicating a future closure of Cherry Street or if perhaps they simply misread the already extant signage in the area.

Regardless, their decision to forgo turning onto Cherry forced them to continue going straight on Park. While this might not have been a problem under normal circumstances, the fact is that at the time when this driver was making these false observations there was another driver in the area trying to maneuver their vehicle from Cherry to Park.

Believing that the car already on Park was turning on to Cherry, the driver turning from Cherry on to Park proceeded to make their turn. When the driver from Park hoping to turn onto Cherry decided to forgo the turn and remain on Park as well, the two drivers were put in an unpleasant predicament: suddenly they were both attempting to use the same lane to travel in the same direction at the same time. The cars collided, and the force of this collision was great enough to case one of them to erupt in flames.

The report indicated that neither of the drivers were injured in the crash, but the incident still remains under investigation.


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