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Two-Car Crash at Vienna Intersection

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on July 23, 2018

On Thursday, July 19th, shortly before 3:30 in the afternoon, police working within the city of Vienna in Fairfax County were on hand to document an incident that happened at or near the intersection of Lawyers Road, NW and Malcolm Road, NW. According to the official report from the Vienna Police Department (which first appeared in the “Police Highlights” section of the city’s official web page), the incident involved only two cars and resulted in no immediate injuries.

Neither of the cars were described in the report, but it is known that one of them was driving down the northern lane of Lawyers Road when they neared the intersection of Lawyers and Malcolm Roads. At this time, a second vehicle was also nearing this intersection, traveling along the western lane of Malcolm Road. It seems as though the two cars reached the intersection at around the same time.

The official description of the event is foggy, and it seems as though whichever member of the Vienna Police Department compiled the report made a few errors regarding the movements of the cars. Once unscrambled, the report seems to indicate that the car driving down the western lanes of Malcolm Road was attempting to make a left turn onto Lawyers Road while the car traveling down the northern lane of Lawyers road was either attempting to turn onto Malcolm Road or was continuing to travel straight.

Either way, the car making the turn from Malcolm to Lawyers managed to get itself in front of the other car, and the driver of the car already traveling down Lawyers found themselves unable to stop in time. It seems as though the resulting collision between the two vehicles was a rear-end crash, and that the two drivers involved then pulled their cars over to the shoulder and exchanged information.

It is not clear if the police were called in or if an officer happened to be driving by the scene, but we do know that both of the cars were able to drive away from the crash site and that neither of the two drivers appeared to be suffering from any injuries in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

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