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Tow-Truck Driver Saved by Stranger After Collision in Fairfax County

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on April 19, 2018

It is likely the kindness of a stranger that saved the life of a tow-truck driver who was struck by a passing car while attempting to help clear up a previous accident on Interstate 395 in Alexandria on Monday, April 16th. According to the reports from the Fairfax County Police Department, the incident that nearly cost the tow-truck driver his life happened at close to 4:00 in the morning, close to where Seminary Road and I-395 cross one another.

The tow-truck driver, an employee with the Falls Church based Henry Wrecker Service, was called to the scene early in the morning in order to help clear up an accident which had taken place at some other unspecified time. It was while he was standing outside of their truck and attempting to finish securing a car to the towing mechanism that a 2004 Honda Accord that was traveling in the northern lanes approached the area.

The driver of the Accord—a person who was not named in the reports—lost control of their car as they were passing the emergency scene. As of yet, there is no clear indication of why this driver lost control of their vehicle, and a police investigation is still underway to determine just why this accident happened at all. It is possible that it was the result of the heavy rains that had recently washed through the area, but it is too early to speculate.

The Accord collided with a jersey wall and then ricocheted off and over the entire interstate before entering the far right shoulder of the southbound lanes. The Accord then crashed into the tow-truck as well as the truck’s driver.

It seems that at this point a passing motorist stopped their own car, exited, and ran up to the scene to offer help. They noticed that the tow-truck driver was bleeding heavily from their leg, and the man then used their belt to create a tourniquet and stop the blood flow as much as possible. After this, the man then remained at the scene of the accident until the ambulance arrived. He talked continuously in order to keep the tow-truck driver awake, and it is believed that this combined with his rudimentary medical assistance may have saved the tow-truck driver’s life.

Charges are currently pending against the driver of the Accord who was not injured in the crash.

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