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Construction Accident

Virginia Construction Worker Hospitalized After Being Hit by Dump Truck

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on September 10, 2018

An incident towards the end of last month resulted in an emergency flight to a Fairfax County hospital for a person working on a construction site within the city of Fairfax. Preliminary reports from the Fairfax Police Department and the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue suggest that the construction accident happened close to midnight, as road workers within the county were engaged in their work at the intersection of Monument Drive and Monument Way.

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Construction Worker at Lorton Landfill Dies

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on January 25, 2018

On a Monday morning earlier this month authorities with the Fairfax County Police Department responded to reports of an accident inside of a construction zone located in the 10000 block of Lorton’s Furnace Lane. The initial report on the incident failed to provide much detail other than to say that what happened took place within the construction site, during working hours, and resulted in the death of one individual. No other specifics (including the name of the individual involved, whether or not anyone else was injured, whether or not the deceased individual was a construction worker, and what happened to cause the death) were included in the report.

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