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Pedestrian Killed in McLean

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on October 9, 2018

A pedestrian was killed on Tuesday, October 2nd, in the Fairfax County city of McLean after they were struck by a car while trying to cross the road. Reports from the Fairfax County Police Department state that the incident happened close to 10:00 at night and that the event was located at the intersection of Dolley Madison Boulevard and Madison McLean Drive.

The pedestrian, a 75-year-old McLean resident, was walking along either Dolley Madison or Madison McLean when they decided to cross the roadway. It is not clear where the pedestrian was coming from, and it is also not known where they were going to. The reports do suggest that the area where the crossing was attempted features a crosswalk, but it was not immediately known if the “walk” sign was on when the older person attempted to cross.

At the same time as the 75-year-old individual was maneuvering their way from one side of the street to the other, a 2002 BMW came down the roadway. The report states that this car was driving down the rightmost western-bound lane of Dolley Madison Boulevard at the time that they reached the intersection. It is not clear if the light facing Dolley Madison Boulevard was green at the time that the car reached the area, and it is also not clear if the driver noticed the pedestrian at this time.

Either way, the car began to drive through the intersection when it struck the pedestrian, knocking them down and dealing fairly severe damage to their body.

Paramedics and EMTs were among the first responders to reach the area and began administering care to the badly injured person. It is not known if the pedestrian was alive when the medical teams reached them, but we do know that they died as a result of the injuries they sustained in the crash.

The driver of the BMW stayed at the scene of the accident and was, at the last report, fully cooperative with the police during their preliminary investigation. It is not known if the detectives working with the Fairfax County Police Department are planning on issuing any charges in relation to the incident or if they are finding that the driver was not at fault for the crash and subsequent fatality.


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