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Multiple Vehicles Involved in I-95 Crash in Stafford County

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on October 5, 2018

A multi-car crash along a stretch of Interstate 95 that cuts through Stafford County resulted in substantial lane closures as well as traffic jams throughout the area. According to a report from the Virginia State police, the accident involved numerous semi-trucks as well as cars of various sizes. Although many of the specific details of the incident were not included in the original report, the statement from the Virginia State Police did provide us with numerous facts that can help recreate a somewhat clear picture of the event and its aftermath.

It was Tuesday, September 25th, and just after noon when the first reports of the crash began to reach the emergency dispatch centers located in Stafford County. These calls indicated that at least one accident had taken place on I-95, between mile markers 141 and 143. As the calls continued to reach the call center it soon became apparent that they were referring to numerous crashes that all happened in a similar area at the same time.

News reports from the scene state that five distinct crashes happened along this stretch of road during the time mentioned above. Involved in these crashes were several tractor-trailers as well as other vehicles. None of the crashes were described in any detail, although pictures taken from the scene depict numerous vehicles all in various states of disarray: a grey car with a crumpled hood; a white SUV facing sideways on the roadway; a semi truck down an embankment, its cab hidden in a line of trees.

The official reports indicate that the numerous crashes did result in injuries; however it does not appear that any of these injuries were life threatening. This being said, it is often the case that car accidents of this magnitude can leave wounds that take weeks, months, or even sometimes years before they become fully manifest. For this reason, people who are involved in a car accident, no matter how minor, should consider accepting medical help and observation in order to document the circumstances on the chance that they should become relevant in some medical event down the road.

The crash remains under investigation, and it is not known whether or not any charges have yet been filed.


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