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Fairfax County Highest in Virginia for Traffic-Related Fatalities

By MacDowell Law Group, P.C. on October 9, 2018

New information compiled by the Virginia Highway Safety Office as well as by AAA has shed an unsettling light on the situation confronting people riding in or driving cars throughout Fairfax County. According to numerous reports, Fairfax County is the leading county in the state with regards to traffic-related fatalities. In simple terms, more people die in car accidents in Fairfax County than in anywhere else in Virginia.

A spokesperson for AAA gave a voice to the findings in the reports when they issued a statement saying that, between 2012 and 2017, 225 people have died in car accidents in Fairfax County alone.

The next highest county in Virginia for traffic fatalities was Prince William County, an area that lies very close to Fairfax County and shares many of the same roads.

In 2017, Fairfax County saw a total of 13,631 reported crashes along its roads. Out of this number, 6,418 people were injured and 35 people were killed. Again, these numbers are difficult to ignore, especially when they are placed next to Prince William County where only 5,540 accidents, 2,652 injuries, and 22 fatalities occurred during this same period of time, and while it is true that Fairfax County is a far more populous county than Prince William, it is also true that the amount of car accidents, injuries, and deaths sits well higher than it should.

While the fatalities are certainly the most troubling, it is impossible to ignore the fact that injuries sustained in car accidents are often far more malevolent than they may initially appear. Due to the force with which car accidents happen, injuries to the head and neck as well as to the spinal column are easily sustained by the people within the vehicles. It often transpires that the victims in car accidents find themselves struggling to pay medical bills and other costs associated with the initial incident well into the future.

It is hoped that with the release of these new findings people traveling within Fairfax County and the surrounding areas will begin practicing greater caution when driving around the many streets and highways crossing through northern Virginia.


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