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Texting Related Accidents

It is the sad fact that many, many people use their cell phones to text while they are inside of their cars. Recent studies from both the AAA and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles have shown that distracted driving—which very often means driving while using a cell phone—is responsible for a staggering number of crashes. The studies from these two institutions highlighted that:

  • 24,000 crashes in 2014 were the result of distracted drivers
  • Out of 900 drivers who traveled along I-95, one in every five said they almost became involved in an accident because of distracted driving
  • 42 percent of people who acknowledged texting while driving also stated they were either involved in an accident or narrowly missed being involved in an accident

The last fact highlights an important concept. People use their cell phones for numerous reasons, with texting being one of the most common. Even more than when using a cell phone for a phone call, texting takes a person’s attention away from the surrounding world and redirects it to the small screen of their phone. This immediately becomes a problem when the person in question is behind the wheel of a several-ton vehicle that is shooting down the road in close proximity to others.

Government agencies have taken note of the massive danger posed by texting and driving. As such, the law in Virginia states that texting is a primary offense. In other words, if a police officer suspects someone of texting while driving, that person can be pulled over. If the individual in question is indeed texting, the fines begin at $125 (for a first offense) and go to $250 (for all following offenses).

Despite these laws, people still insist on texting while driving, and their irresponsibility and negligence creates dangerous and deadly scenarios that often result in traumatic injury for innocent people around them.

Have you or someone you love been affected by an accident as a result of texting? If so, then you are likely facing a difficult period if your life as you attempt to rebuild and move forward from the initial incident. One of the primary issues that people face when beginning to live in the aftermath of a debilitating car accident are the financial struggles that emerge from things like:

  • Wage loss
  • Medical bills
  • Post-incident therapy costs
  • Property damage

We here at the MacDowell Law Group understand the despair that can begin affecting people caught up in a cell phone related car accident. For years, we have served the people of the greater Fairfax County area who are the victims of car accidents caused by distracted drivers using their cell phones to text. As your legal resource and aid, our highly professional legal team will enter the courtroom to fight for you, ensuring that you receive the maximum possible compensation in your case. While we focus on the petty financial side of things, you and your loved ones can begin the more difficult and important part of healing as a community.

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