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Rear-End Collisions

Every time we climb into a car, truck, or other motorized vehicle we are taking a risk. While we understand this to a certain extent, it is also the case that none of us ever really anticipates being involved in a destructive or damaging collision while in our cars. When they occur, we begin to understand just how little prepared we really were, and the resulting injury to both one’s body and mind after a car accident is hard to quantify.

One of the most disorienting sorts of car accidents are those caused by rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions happen when one car crashes into the back of another, and if both of the cars are moving, than a rear-end collision can cause the front car to spin out of control, possibly striking other vehicles or objects near the road. Frequently, both drivers involved in a rear-end crash completely lose control of their vehicles. Due to the fact that the driver in the front car usually does not see the driver behind them approaching, rear end collisions are especially bewildering for the people in this vehicle.

There are numerous ways that people can become involved in a rear end collision, including:

  • A driver failing to remain adequately aware of the road conditions
  • A driver attempting to suddenly change lanes
  • A car with broken tail lights
  • A car with broken brake lights
  • A driver failing to follow traffic when the speed of the other cars begins to slow
  • A driver not yielding to another car with the right-of-way
  • A driver failing to use or observe another’s use of turn signals

The above-listed examples could be the reasons behind either the driver of the car in front or the driver of the car behind causing a rear-end collision, and although it is the case that the driver in the rear car is initially seen as being the more negligent party, it is not always the case that the full responsibility for the incident lies in their hands.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a rear-end collision, you may be facing a distressing number of life-changing difficulties, such as:

  • Head, back, and neck injuries
  • Mental trauma as a result of the event itself
  • Added expenses due to medical bills or funeral costs
  • Increased financial strain due to loss of wages

In order to be able to adequately heal from a potentially devastating rear-end collision, you need time, space, and financial security. With the MacDowell Law Firm on their side, many Fairfax County residents suffering from rear-end collisions received the help they needed to ensure that a recovery was possible without a massive change in their quality of life.

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