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Professional Driver Injury

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Professional Driver Injury


Legal Advice for Injured Truck, Cab or Bus Drivers


If you drive for a living and have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, don’t make the mistake of assuming that workers’ compensation is your only means of a financial recovery. In many situations, you can pursue personal injury damages against a negligent driver, even while you’re collecting workers’ comp.


Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at MacDowell & Associates to learn about your rights as a professional driver for injuries caused by another’s fault. Although you won’t be able to sue your own employer or a co-worker for personal injury damages, professional drivers have just as much right as anyone else to recover damages from negligent third-party motorists.


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We can give you a solid understanding of the strength and value of your damages claims in such situations as the following:

  • Delivery accidents
  • Public transit or school bus accidents
  • Semi tractor trailer accidents
  • Interstate accidents involving drivers from Virginia
  • Out-of-state professional drivers who suffered injuries while traveling through Northern Virginia
  • Accidents involving taxi drivers
  • Auto or truck accidents suffered by repair, maintenance or landscaping workers


An important strength of our law firm’s personal injury practice is our ability to evaluate, monitor and support your physical recovery from serious injuries. This not only improves the likelihood that you’ll receive an accurate diagnosis and effective medical treatment, it also contributes to the level of detail we can offer in support of your damages claims.


For additional information about our attorneys’ ability to represent the interests of professional drivers effectively in personal injury litigation, contact the Fairfax law firm of MacDowell & Associates for a free consultation.