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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on or around roads. We have nothing to protect us from passing vehicles other than the care taken by the people behind the wheels of these vehicles to obey road laws and to pay attention to the world around them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. A recent report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety included the sobering fact that the number of pedestrian deaths that occur as a result of hit-and-run accidents is reaching record highs. The report went on to say that out of all hit-and-run deaths, 65% of those killed are either cyclists or pedestrians.

Towards the end of April, a man from Centreville was crossing a Fairfax County intersection when a passing Ford Mustang struck and killed him. The driver of the Mustang, as is common in such cases as these, did not suffer from any injuries as a result of the collision. Initial reports from the police indicated that the right-of-way belonged to the person in the Mustang at the time of the crash, but the fact remains that the pedestrian, regardless of whether or not they were crossing the street at the right time, was the more vulnerable party. The AAA Foundation’s report held a message for incidents such as these: drivers should always prepare themselves to yield for pedestrians, even if that pedestrian is not using a crosswalk.

If you are reading this page because you have been affected by an accident involving a pedestrian, let us first offer you our deepest sympathy. Our many years inside of Fairfax County courtrooms defending victims of incidents such as pedestrian accidents has given us a deep understanding of the pain and suffering that comes with such incidents. Even if the accident does not result in death, a collision between a car and a pedestrian can alter, in the blink of an eye, the lives of those involved. Some of the most common reasons that cars strike pedestrians include:

  • Drivers being distracted by their phones
  • Drivers being distracted by other people in their car
  • Drivers who have fallen asleep or are nodding off at the wheel
  • Drivers not paying careful attention to the traffic signals or crosswalks

After a pedestrian accident, it can feel as though the world is coming to an end. This is where we at the MacDowell Law Group come into the picture. While we act as your advocate in the courtroom, you and your loved ones can begin the lengthier healing process that can only occur with adequate time, space, and financial security.

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident inside of Fairfax County, call the MacDowell Law Group at (703) 277-2811 in order to find out how you can receive the maximum compensation possible and make the first steps towards recovery today.

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