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Head-On Collisions

Car accidents, by their very nature, remain one of the most destructive and unpredictable elements of modern society. When we climb into a vehicle, the last thing we expect is to be involved in a debilitating or deadly accident, and when these events occur, as they sadly do every week throughout Virginia, it is hard to adequately summarize the difficulties incurred by individuals and families suddenly finding themselves in the resulting situations.

Out of all the various sorts of automobile accidents that can take place, head-on collisions are the most dangerous as well as the most likely to lead to severe injuries and fatalities to individuals inside of each car involved. As opposed to all other sorts of vehicle collisions, a head-on crash has the resulting force of the sum of the speed of the vehicles involved. In other words, if you are driving at 50mph and another person is driving at 70mph and you become involved in a head-on crash, the result is the same as though both of you crashed into a wall while driving at 120mph.

It goes almost without saying that the damage that can emerge as the result of such an incident is catastrophic. Among the numerous sorts of physical and emotional complications that people find themselves struggling to deal with in the aftermath of a head-on collision are:

  • Injuries to the neck, head, and brain
  • Bodily trauma to various limbs or internal organs
  • Psychological trauma as a result of the collision and its aftermath
  • Loss of the life of a loved one

If you or someone close to you has been injured or worse as a result of a head on collision, than you are well aware of the chaos that can crop up in the days, weeks, and months after such an event. Many people who find themselves living in the aftermath of a head-on crash often discover that the financial strain that begins to surface as the result of staggering medical bills, wage loss, and property damage becomes almost as painful as the initial incident. Throughout Fairfax County, many people in just such a situation have turned to the MacDowell Law Group for help.

By acting as your voice in the courtroom, the MacDowell Law Group can enable you and your loved ones to begin finding the space to heal without worrying so much about the financial element. Our many years of expertise has granted suffering people the maximum possible compensation, which in turn has enabled these people to put the monetary question in the back of their minds—where it belongs—while they reserve the majority of their time for physical and emotional recovery.

If you are reading these words because you or someone you love has been injured in a head-on collision, than help is available. Call the MacDowell Law Group today at (703) 277-2811, or, if you prefer, send us an email using the secure form available on this page.

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