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Assigning responsibility in a commercial vehicle accident also accompanies determining where the negligence occurred. Our lawyers at MacDowell Law Group, P.C. provide zealous representation to clients who have been injured due to commercial vehicle negligence.

Whether you have been injured in a commercial truck accident, a collision with a package delivery truck, or another type of commercial vehicle accident, it is essential that you take steps toward protecting your rights. Our lawyers are committed to helping clients deal with injuries and damages sustained due to commercial vehicle negligence.

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Negligent Maintenance

It is extremely important that trucking companies and other companies that utilize commercial vehicles keep careful track of the maintenance that is done to the vehicles. They are also responsible for keeping up with maintenance in order to ensure that the vehicle is not only road-worthy, but safe for the company’s drivers and other drivers on the road.

When routine maintenance or urgent repairs are not done, the vehicle may be an accident waiting to happen. It is only a matter of time before someone is injured. We strive to help clients deal with situations where maintenance on the vehicle has not been performed and therefore resulted in the company’s negligence.

Overloaded Trucks/Unsecured Loads

Some of reasons that we often see for a semi truck injury or commercial vehicle negligence include overloaded trucks or unsecured loads. These are very serious situations in which the individuals loading the trucks are not paying attention to the amount of product or items the truck can safely hold, and are thinking more about moving as much product at one time. The individuals responsible for loading the trucks are often also responsible for securing the load. When this doesn’t happen in the proper way, very serious accidents can occur if the load spills onto the road and in the way of other motorists.

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