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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Commercial Vehicle Accidents


Reliable Advice in Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims


If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision with a taxi, a delivery van, or a maintenance truck, you should know that the process of proving and collecting your personal injury claims will be somewhat different from either car accident litigation or a lawsuit for semi truck accident damages. Commercial liability insurance will almost certainly apply to cover your losses, but you won’t have the protection of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to make the proof of liability easier.


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To learn how you can benefit from the advice of a veteran attorney who understands each step in the proof of liability and damages in commercial vehicle claims, contact MacDowell & Associates in Fairfax. Our familiarity with the handling of complex personal injury and wrongful death claims can protect your interests in Northern Virginia.


Pizza delivery vehicles don’t carry data recording systems and GPS units, and local construction truck drivers might not have the same level of training and experience that an over-the-road semi driver generally has. Proof of liability in a commercial vehicle accident is therefore similar to the investigation and proof of fault in a private car crash.


On the other hand, the availability of commercial liability insurance means that your lawyers will be expected to prove every aspect of your loss in complete detail, whether your damages involve lost income, medical bills, future treatment needs, or in-home assistance while you adjust to a disability. In a case of severe brain trauma or¬†spinal cord injury, the claims that you could have settled for the other driver’s policy limits in an auto accident may now require the presentation of detailed evidence and expert testimony.


Our law firm’s experience with the proof of liability and damages in complex motor vehicle claims can represent a powerful advantage for you if you were injured by a commercial driver of any kind. We can take action to determine where the commercial vehicle negligence lies and who is responsible for the situation that led to your injuries.


To learn more about the scope of our commercial vehicle accident practice, contact an experienced trial attorney at MacDowell & Associates in Fairfax.