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Cell Phone Related Collisions

Cell phones and cars: a toxic combination. Yet every day people drive on streets, highways, backroads, avenues, and boulevards while talking on their phones. It happens almost unconsciously: we are behind the wheel and then our phone begins to ring or vibrate, and we reach for it. No matter how good of a driver a person is, as soon as a phone becomes involved their attention is divided between the road and the device in their hands. The result is predictably deadly.

In 2013, a poll from AAA found that 20 percent of people who drove along Virginia’s Interstate 95 reported using their cell phone to text while driving. Driving while texting is referred to as “distracted driving,” and the AAA’s report also included the fact that out of every 10 collisions, eight of them were the result of one or both parties behind the wheel engaging in distracted driving.

In 2015, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the following data relating to driving incidents throughout 2014:

  • 24,000 crashes were the result of distracted drivers
  • Out of these crashes, 14,378 people were injured
  • Another 163 people were killed as a result of these crashes
  • Distracted drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident
  • Young drivers have a much greater propensity for driving while distracted
  • 11 percent of young drivers who died in automobile crashes were reportedly distracted when the incident occurred

Being involved in a debilitating car accident as the result of a driver using their cell phone is something that no one should endure. People who are in control of a several-ton vehicle hurtling down the roadway at even the most modest of speeds immediately turn themselves into a potential disaster when they take their eyes off the road and focus instead on their phones. Even when a person is just using the phone to talk, their mind is being divided between the road and the job of fishing a phone out of a purse or pocket, answering the phone, holding the phone while the conversation takes place, and then putting the phone away. It is an irresponsible and unacceptable practice, and that so many people do it every day is a frightening thing to contemplate.

Recovery from a cell phone related accident can be long and expensive. This is why so many people throughout Fairfax County have turned to the help of the MacDowell Law Group when working towards receiving a monetary settlement in the case of a cell phone related accident. By ensuring that you receive the maximum possible compensation for an accident that takes place as a result of cell phone usage, the Mac Dowell Law Group can provide you and your loved ones with the time and space to heal and recover from what can easily become a life-altering event.

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