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Bus Accidents

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Bus Accidents


Protecting Your Rights in Mass Transit Accident Litigation


Not every traffic accident involves a private driver. Sometimes people are victims of poor driving by employees of Virginia’s public transit or some of the smaller regional transit authorities. Many suffer serious and even fatal injuries through accidents involving buses or trains. To learn about this specialized type of personal injury or wrongful death litigation resulting from a serious mass transit accident in Northern Virginia, contact a lawyer at MacDowell & Associates in Fairfax.


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Our law firm emphasizes comprehensive client service in all serious accident claims. In other words, we concentrate not only on maximizing the value of your legal claims for damages, but also on helping you and your family get through the practical questions and problems that most people encounter after the unexpected crisis caused by a Metro bus injury or commuter train accident.


We represent mass transit accident victims in litigation against the Arlington Transit, Virginia Railway Express, and the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC). Although most of the bus, rail and subway accident claims we handle involve passengers, we also represent motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians with damages claims related to negligence mass transit operations.


The injuries our clients have suffered range from fractures or severe soft tissue trauma to permanent or disabling injuries such as spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury. We also represent the surviving families of fatal accident victims under Virginia law.

For further information about the scope of our mass transit accident practice in Northern Virginia, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for a free consultation at MacDowell & Associates.